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facility sector (building / apartment / hotel / hospital / nursing care / school / housing)

SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) is used for cleaning and sterilization in buildings, shopping centers, sports clubs, leisure facilities, outdoor activities, as well as cleaning and sanitary control of the equipments in hospitals, nursing care facilities, preschools, other schools. Not containing any synthetic surface activators or toxic chemicals, it is safe to use SAIW in user-friendly and eco-friendly product. There is no need to use either detergents or antiseptic solutions, and it leaves no foam, which makes rinsing easy.

window glass / mirror / cabinet / furniture

After spraying SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) directly, wipe off excess dirt with a dry cloth (cotton is most suitable). Continue wiping with a dry cloth for a clear polished finish. SAIW provides a clear finish unlike synthetic surfactants which may leave a rainbow colored residue behind.

air-conditioning equipment / OA & AV equipment / lighting fixtures

Spray SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) directly on affected areas of the main unit and wipe off any excess dirt with dry cloth, paper towel or the cloth soaked with SAIW. Remove the filter from the main unit, and wash any residual dirt with tap water after having sprayed SAIW. Re-attach the filter to the main unit after allowing it to thoroughly dry in a shaded area which allows for sanitization and deodorization of the filter.

(Attention: NEVER apply water to electrical current carrying components! This may result in an extreme risk of electrical shortage or bodily harm.)

floors / tatami mats / carpet / linens

Using a diluted solution of SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) [1 part SAIW to 10 parts water] dip you cleaning cloth into the diluted solution, carefully wringing out the excess and wipe off any dirty areas. Likewise you may choose to spray the diluted solution directly onto the dirty areas and simply wipe clean with a cloth or towel. Repeat the above steps as needed. This should eliminate and unpleasant odors or unsightly residue. The diluted SAIW solution is also quite effective in removing wax stains as well.

(Note: SAIW is not recommended for use on leather or wood products.)

bathtubs / walls

After spraying SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) directly on to the stain, gently rub the affected area with a sponge. Continued use prevents adhesion of stains, and it is effective for sanitizing and deodorizing. Additionally, bathing water becomes alkaline and gentle on the skin when putting SAIW into a bathtub and it is effective against atopic skin.

lavatories / restrooms

After spraying SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) directly on the toilet cover, inside of the toilet, and on the floor, wipe off with a dry cloth. Use a brush to agitate stubborn dirt. Continued usage reduces the dirts ability to adhere to bathroom surfaces. Regular spray washing is effective in sanitizing against E-coli and other bacteria. Spray SAIW directly on the toilet seat and wipe it off with toilet paper. It is also effective in preventing the clogging of the toilets drain pipe with continual usage. SAIW is an effective deodorizer for restrooms.

(Note: SAIW is NOT effective against all bacteria.)

car interiors

After spraying SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) on the plastic and glass components of the mirror, dashboard, and doors directly, wipe off with a dry cloth. Spray SAIW thoroughly onto any non-leather seating. After several minutes, wipe off thoroughly with dry towels. Ground in dirt is removed and the seats are sanitized and deodorized all in one step. For cleaning inside the car, rinse a dust cloth in a diluted SAIW solution (1/100) and wipe off after wringing the cloth thoroughly.

nursing home care

When traditional bathing is not an option, soak a towel in hot diluted SAIW solution (1/10) [careful to wring out the excess], and wipe down hair and body. Odors and dirt are effectively eliminated and the patient is sanitized and deodorized.


After spraying SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) directly on to toys or the stuffed animals, simply wipe them off with a dry cloth. As SAIW does not contain residual substances or harmful chemicals, it is completely safely for use on toys that babies put in their mouth.


After spraying SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) diluted with tap water wipe off with dry cloth or a towel soaked with SAIW and brush afterwards. Odors and dirt are eliminated helping to refresh your pet.

(Note: Be careful NOT to allow SAIW to get into your pets eyes. If it does come in contact with eyes, please wash thoroughly with tap water.)

tobacco / nicotine-stain

Spraying un-diluted SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) directly on to the walls of a smoking room will instantly remove the yellow brownish stains left behind by smoke. Dirt comes off instantly and wipes clean. Spraying SAIW on the walls from bottom upward will allow you to clean effectively without runs or dripping eliminating odors and refreshing the room.

If you have problems with rough hands due to the use of a highly-concentrated sodium hypochlorite commonly used for sterilization, please try “SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water)” instead which is safe and eco-friendly with strong detergency.

99.87% of SAIW is pure water, and it does not include any synthetic chemicals such as synthetic surfactants. It is electrolysis water without color / scent / stimulation which was electrolyzed using ePLAN's original patented technology.