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food sector

SAIW is a versatile water with high cleaning, sterilizing, deodorizing, and anti-corrosion properties, and it is colorless, odorless, non-irritant. It is used in general food and seafood processing factories, backyard of grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and food service facilities, to clean, sterilize, and deodorize farm and marine products, fresh foods, food processing machineries, kitchen equipment, and cookware, utilized as sanitary control and HACCP.
In agriculture and livestock farming industries, resistant to pests and germs not only contributes to the soil improvement and growth of crops, but to the hygiene control of barns and livestock.

food processing factory

Since SAIW does not contain any synthetic surface activators or toxic chemicals, and does not leave any residues, it is ideal for washing and sterilizing of parts that have direct contact with food. Cleaning and sterilizing can be done at once, and it works on the grease and dirt on the line conveyor or countertop, by directly spraying and wipe with dry cloth after few seconds, or wash with clean water or hot water. The most unique aspect is that it not only removes surface dirt, but also removes molds and bacteria with one cleaning.

food processing machinery

For cleaning food processing machinery and parts, soaking is ideal. Soak the parts in a warm SAIW for few minutes, and wash with tap water shower. It removes food, oil, dirt, without detergent or hypochlorite, and also sterilize. The metal parts will be alkalified, which prevents oxidization or corrosion, and makes it sparkling clean at every wash.

food service facility

SAIW does not contain toxic chemical, it can be used not only for cookware, but also for washing and disinfecting of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, etc. It efficiently removes even slight dirt and pesticide, and sterilize at the same time. Odor transfer and residue can be avoided too. It has strong redox properties and maintains the freshness of the food products.


SAIW has a high cleaning property but it mostly consists of pure water, which makes rinsing easy as it does not have any foams. By using SAIW for washing cookware and dishes, water charge and labor time can be reduced. For the same reason, it is ideal for washing and disinfecting the food product. Washing with high alkaline SAIW maintains freshness and prevent from deterioration caused by oxidization.

agricultural crop

Soaking crops into SAIW for few seconds will minimize the attachment of pesticide residue or radioactive material *1, and prevent oxidation and maintains freshness. SAIW does not contain any synthetic surface activators or toxic chemicals. It is eco-friendly and user-friendly product, and protect our environment. *1: Efficient removal of iodine and cesium is proven at the test. (Japan Functional Food Research Association’s test report)

washing and disinfecting of cookware

In order to maintain clean cookware and prevent food poisoning, it is vital to completely remove food residue, starch, protein, fat etc. on the cookware surface. Usually, bacteria that causes food poisoning grows both on the surface of cooking devices and inside the organic materials. The surface can be sterilized by hypochlorous acid or disinfectant, but they don’t have detergency, thus making them impossible to remove and clean the organic materials. Most food poisoning-causing bacteria lives and grows rapidly inside those organic matters abundant with water and nutrients, sheltered perfectly by dirt.
In order to prevent food poisoning, disinfection is no longer enough, so the complete and effective cleaning with disinfection and removal of organic matters are essential. SAIW works great on organic contaminations. Not containing any synthetic surface activators or toxic chemicals, it is safe to use for washing cookware with direct contact with food. Consisting of 99.83% pure water, it leaves no foams, which makes rinsing easy. In addition, washing with high alkaline SAIW prevents metal cookware from deteriorating from oxidation. Environment with growing bacteria that causes food poisoning can be efficiently eliminated by washing with SAIW.


Scrape with sponge soaked with SAIW and rinse with tap water. It does not produce any foam which makes rinsing easy, and disinfection and deodorizing can be done at once. Even when using detergent, spraying SAIW will save the amount of detergent to be used, thus saves water charge and labor hours.

cutting board and knife

Spraying SAIW directly will lift the dirt from inside, and makes it easier to clean afterwards. Using SAIW for sharpening knife will increase the sharpness and prevent rust.
Spray SAIW thoroughly onto the clean cutting board and leave for few minutes. This effectively disinfects and deodorize.


Spray SAIW directly onto the stainless steel parts, scrape and rinse. Alternatively, dilute SAIW 20 times and use it daily to prevent water stain and gradually makes stainless steel shiny.


Spray SAIW directly onto the drainpipe and trash bins, scrape with brush and rinse. This will remove the slime and disinfect and deodorize. Using it regularly will dissolve the dirt and oil in drainpipe, and prevent clogs.

oven and microwave

Spray SAIW directly onto the door, body, touch panel, interior, turntable, and wipe with dry cloth. (For heavily soiled surface, spray more and wipe after 2-3 minutes.) For severe hardened soils, soak tissue or cloth in SAIW, microwave until 40-50C, apply onto soiled area and wipe after few minutes.


Spray SAIW directly to body, hood and soiled area. Let stand few minutes, and wipe with dry cloth. For severe soils, microwave up to 40-50C and wipe with sponge. Fan and filter can be removed and soaked in SAIW for 10 minutes, and wipe with dry cloth. For extremely severe soils, mixing the small amount of detergent will boost the result.

refrigerator and freezer

Spray SAIW directly to door, exterior, interior, and wipe clean. This is effective on disinfecting and deodorizing of interior. It is safe for foods with pure water content of 99.13%.

towel, dust cloth

Soak in diluted SAIW for few minutes and wring well. It is effective on cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing.

vegetable and fruit

Wash with diluted SAIW and rinse quickly with tap water. This removes pesticide, wax, and synthetic surface activators on the surface, and prevents deterioration by oxidization, and colors will be vibrant and freshness will be maintained.

storing fish, maintaining freshness

Spray SAIW few times directly onto seafood, crab, shrimp, etc, and store in a fridge. This will eliminate growth of O-157, bacteria, salmonella, and vibrionic.


Spray SAIW directly into the container. This will reduce the odor and effective on disinfectant. SAIW is user-friendly and eco-friendly, its contents are mostly pure water, colorless, odorless, non-irritant, with no residual odor.

SAIW is formed by Strong Alkaline Water Ionizer UB/UF, using our original (patented) electric decomposition technology developed by ePLAN. It has pH12.5 strong alkalinity but 99.83% is pure water. Unlike usual high alkaline water, it does not use chloride (NaCl) as an electrolyte during generation process, so it does not produce high acid water or chlorine gas. It is “user-friendly & eco-friendly” and “reliable & safe” product as electrolyte doesn’t contain caustic soda or the sodium hydroxide.