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  • Alkaline Ionized Water Generator
    1. UNI-BATCH
    2. UNI-FLOW
  • Automated Parts Washer with Alkaline Generator
  • Alkaline Washing Liquid Regeneration System
    1. AQUES
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company profile

at ePlan we seek to provide the ultimate user-friendly and eco-friendly cleansing.

ePlan develops and sells equipment producing “SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water)” based on the original patented method of electric decomposition. SAIW is electrolysis water without color, odor and irritation composed of 99.83% “eco-friendly” pure water with powerful detergency.
SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) is composed of 0.17% Potassium hydroxide (KOH) and pure water, and no other chemical substances contained. SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) can easily rinse without foaming or residues which means less cleaning time and a dramatic reduction of rinse water. SAIW is “user-friendly and eco-friendly” product which is exempt from restrictions (e.g., *PRTR, *VOC and fire protection laws). SAIW doesn’t cause subsurface contamination or water pollution. Also, the numerical value of COD and BOD is zero, so industrial waste water can be purified and the treatment process can be simplified. This reduces the cost of environmental measure expenses for Water Pollution Control Laws dramatically.
SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) is a “user-friendly and earth-friendly” product with applications in a wide variety of industries. SAIW helps to reduce environmental load and environmental measure expenses.

About company name : e of ePlan comes from “ecology” and “environment”.