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SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) Batch-type Generator UNI-BATCH

UNI-BATCH is a very efficient batch-type SAIW generator. Using E-Plan's original and special electrolyzation technology (patented), it only produces high alkaline water, SAIW. Unlike usual electrolysis, it does not produce any toxic high acid water or chlorine gas, thus the setting location is flexible. Compact design reduces footprint, and its stainless steel structure is resistant to water and corrosion. Setting is easily controlled with front touch panel. Operation is stable and quick, it produces SAIW safely without damaging the environment.

UB-10A & UB-10AST

It generates SAIW 10L with pH12.5 in 30-45 minutes. 10L can be taken out each time, or 10L batch production can be repeated continuously.


It generates SAIW 20L with pH12.5 in 60-80 minutes. 20L can be taken out each time, or 20L batch production can be repeated continuously.


Model Handling Capacity
(with pH12.5)
Electricity Electrical Consumption Dimension (mm) Weight
UB-10A 10ℓ/30~45min AC100V 50/60Hz 250W 365(W) X 190(D) X 680(H) Approx. 30kg
(with 20L Tank)
10ℓ/30~45min AC100V 50/60Hz 280W 365(W) X 300(D) X 680(H) Approx. 40kg
UB-202 20ℓ/60~80min AC100V 50/60Hz 250W 350(W) X 600(D) X 1285(H) Approx. 45kg
Supply Water Temperature
: 10~30℃
Supply Water Pipe
: 16A
Electrolysis Cell Replacement
: 4,000 operations
: POCA tablet


High-purify food additive quality is compressed in 100g round tablet.
Non-powder form allows easy and clean handling.


60ℓ Ionized Water Storage Tank
Tank can store 60L of SAIW (Super Alkaline Ionized Water), in conjunction with liquid sensor. Equipped with extraction pump.

Pure Water Generator
Filters all impurities in tap water and generates pure water. It is extremely soft water without calcium and impurities.

Pure Water Storage Tank (10ℓ)
Pressure tank to store pure water. It can supply pure water directly into the generator.